We study ecological, evolutionary and eco-evolutionary dynamics of species adaptations and behaviours in space and during environmental changes, their consequences for population dynamics, persistence and diversification, and for species’ responses to rapid environmental changes.

We use theoretical models, mainly genetically- and spatially-explicit individual-based models, to generate fundamental understanding.

We also aim at translating this fundamental understanding into theory-grounded applications that can be used for both strategic and tactical modelling of, for example, spatial connectivity, population dynamics and species’ distributions, to aid management interventions.

Latest News

New concept paper: understanding dispersal evolution by linking experimental evolution, theory and modelling, and natural systems.

Very happy this fun collaborative concept paper is now out in Journal of Animal Ecology! We explore the recent use of experimental evolution for the study of dispersal and how, despite the challenges, it represents a promising avenue to better understand dispersal evolution under more complex and realistic biological scenarios, such as the role of…

Overdue congratulations to Roslyn!

Roslyn is leaving our group to start an independent position as Interdisciplinary Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, where she will investigate the interplay between food security, land use and biodiversity. Very well deserved! We look forward to many inspiring collaborations!

Massive congratulations to Max Tschol for brilliantly defending is PhD!!

Max defended his thesis titled “Sexual selection in small and spatially structured populations” where he used individual-based models to investigate how sexual selection affects population persistence via a variety of mechanisms, and considered different spatial scales spanning from single isolated populations to the dynamics of metapopulations and species’ ranges.

NEW 3.5 years Post-Doc position now open!

NEW DEADLINE! May 23, 2023! I am looking for an enthusiatic ecological/evolutionary modeller with a strong interest in population genetics to join the group a 3.5 years PostDoc position within the Centre for Ecological Genetics. See Opportunities.

FULLY FUNDED PhD project within the SUPER DTP and in collaboration with NatureScot!

Populations at the edge: range dynamics and conservation of the Great Crested Newt under global change. Apply here by February 1st, 2023 – Informal enquiries welcome! Under anthropogenic exploitation and rapid environmental changes, many species are challenged with novel conditions, some are shifting their ranges moving to new suitable areas, and many are now threatened…


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