Current members:

Greta Bocedi

Royal Society University Research Fellow

My interest is easily sparked by anything regarding evolution of species’ adaptations and individuals’ behaviours, especially when ecology and evolution interplay in shaping species’ characteristics. I use theoretical models to understand evolution of species’ life histories and behaviours, and their ecological and evolutionary consequences. I aim at translating this fundamental understanding into applications for predicting biodiversity responses to environmental changes and support management interventions.

Lana Dunan

PhD student 2019-

Funded by The Royal Society

Co-supervised by Dr Lesley Lancaster

Project | Joint eco-evolutionary dynamics of dispersal and female multiple mating: empirical tests.

Anders Poulsen-Charmouh

PhD student 2019-

Funded by University of Aberdeen – Dowry Studentship

Co-supervised by Prof Jane M. Reid, Prof Trine Bilde & Dr Matthew Hartfield

Project | Evolution of inbreeding mating system in social species: theory on causes and consequences.

Camila G. Rocabado-Peñanco

PhD student 2022-

Funded by The Novo Nordisk Challenge Centre for Ecological Genetics

Co-supervised by Dr Roslyn Henry & Prof Trine Bilde

Project | Unravelling the effects of environmental changes on declining arthropod populations in agro-ecosystems.

Associate members:

Connie Baker-Arney

QUADRAT DTP PhD Student 2020-

at Queen’s University, Belfast

Primary supervisor: Dr Dómhnall Jennings

Co-supervised by Dr Isabella Capellini

Project | The effects of maternal stress on offspring survival in the fallow deer

Nathanael Litlekalsoy

QUADRAT DTP PhD Student 2022-

Primary supervisor: Dr Fabio Manfredini

Co-supervised by Prof Jaimie Dick

Project | Predicting the ecological impacts of invasive alien insects at multiple levels: from genes to communities 

Amber Chatten

PhD Student 2022-

Primary supervisor: Dr Natalie Pilakouta

Project | Effects of anthropogenic environmental changes on the behaviour and population dynamics of marine animals

Naomi Rich

QUADRAT DTP PhD Student 2022-

at Queen’s University, Belfast

Primary supervisor: Dr Isabella Capellini

Co-supervised by Dr Dómhnall Jennings

Project | Ecological Drivers and Conservation Implications of Parental Care Diversity in Vertebrates

Past memebers:

Dr Maximilian Tschol, PhD: 2018-2023, Thesis | Sexual selection in small and spatially structured populations.

Dr Roslyn Henry, PostDoc: 2021-2023, Project | The missing link: unraveling the role of genetic variation of beneficial arthropods in agro-ecosystems.