We are excited to introduce a new version of RangeShifter, which incorporates important new functionality. It is now possible to simulate dynamics over user-specified, temporally changing landscapes. Additionally, the genetic and evolutionary capabilities have been strengthened, notably by introducing an explicit genetic modelling architecture, which allows for simulation of neutral and adaptive genetic processes.

In addition to the original and improved Windows graphical user interface (GUI), RangeShifter can now be compiled to run in batch-mode on Linux computer clusters. RangeShifter 2.0 source code is now open source (https://github.com/rangeshifter), published under the GNU general public license (GPLv3). It is hence free for the wider community to use, modify and share.

Check it out on the brand new RangeShifter website!

Bocedi G., Palmer S.C.F, Malchow A-K., Zurell D., Watts K. & Travis J.M.J. RangeShifter 2.0: An extended and enhanced platform for modelling spatial eco-evolutionary dynamics and species’ responses to environmental changes. bioRxiv, 2020.11.26.400119; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.11.26.400119

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